Posted 1 year ago

Barbara & Dougie

In this episode we discover who the mysterious woman from the previous episode is.

Thanks to Logan Jaffe from Curious City for sending this gem. Music in this episode by The Eagles and Meat Joy.

Posted 1 year ago

The Diet

This recording was made by a man in New Jersey. He made it for his family, to tell them not to interfere with his plans to go on a diet that he hoped would cure him of AIDS. Logan Jaffe found this tape at a yard sale in Gainesville, Florida.

Posted 1 year ago

Perfect Pitch

My brother-in-law Matthew has perfect pitch. So we spent a day going around the house looking for objects that make sounds and determining their pitch.

Posted 1 year ago

Organ Donor

This piece of Random Tape was donated by Mooj Zadie.

Music in this episode by Charles Boyd.

Posted 1 year ago

An Autumn Adventure

I came across this haunted Teddy Ruxpin tape recently and now I’m afraid to sleep.

Posted 1 year ago

Come On Down

The story of how Drew Carey KILLED a man! (sort of)

Posted 1 year ago

Stop Terrorists

Posted 1 year ago

Signed Sealed Delivered

Posted 1 year ago

Thoughts And Word 12/74

Come take a trip up to the roof to listen to some tapes…

Posted 2 years ago

100th Episode!

That’s a Century in human years!

Music by Hans Zimmer, Clyde Casey and The Homosexuals.